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Claudia Lawson |

Dana Stephensen, Bonus Chapter

For our Season Three bonus episode, we speak again with the divine Dana Stephensen. Dana and I initially spoke about 18 months ago, and in that conversation we covered Dana’s journey into the Australian Ballet, managing her hyperthyroidism and weight gain. We talked about promotions, meeting her now husband Lachie becoming a mom and returning to the stage. This time I speak to the newly retired Dana, who after 19 years dancing with the Australian Ballet gave her farewell performance at the Royal Opera House in London. In this hugely inspiring episode, we reflect on the depth and the bravery of Dana speaking about postnatal depression after the birth of her twins, how she returned to the stage as a mom of three and clawed back both her confidence and sense of self. But we also talk about the struggles of juggling tour life with Lachie and her three children and how she came to the decision to retire before finally turning to her thoughts for the future.

Dana now lives in Brisbane and is settling into life with her husband Lachie and their three children. While she's newly retired from the Australian Ballet, Dana made a surprise appearance with the company in their Brisbane season of “Swan Lake.” You may catch her here and there as she continues to guest with the company. For Australian Ballet tickets and show times, head to their website, australianballet.com.au, or you can find them on Instagram at @ausballet. And to follow all of Dana’s adventures, you can find her on Instagram @danastephensen.

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For our Season Three bonus episode, we speak again with the divine Dana Stephensen, who recently retired after two decades with the Australian Ballet and is ready for her bonus chapter.

Claudia Lawson

Claudia Lawson is a dance critic based in Sydney, Australia, writing regularly for ABC Radio National, ABC Arts, and Fjord Review. After graduating with degrees in Law and Forensic Science, Claudia worked as a media lawyer for the ABC, FOXTEL and the BBC in London, where she also co-founded Street Sessions dance company. Returning to Sydney, Claudia studied medicine and now works as a doctor. She is the host of the award-winning Talking Pointes Podcast.


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