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Beau Dean Riley Smith, Stories to Tell

Episode 7, Sponsored by Energetiks

Today I’m speaking with Beau Dean Riley Smith. Beau was born on Wiradjuri Country in Dubbo, Western NSW. But as a little kid the family moved to Culburra on the NSW South Coast where Beau spent his childhood surrounded by siblings, love and chaos while growing up at the beach. Beau didn’t learn to dance as a kid, instead he studied drama in high school, before being accepted into the performance program at WAPPA—the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in Perth.

It was a transformative year in which Beau’s world exploded, and led to Beau auditioning for drama programs across the country, including the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA)—but Beau didn’t get in, and so, in a surprise move, and with no dance experience, Beau auditioned for the National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Development Association (NAISDA)—and was accepted. In this extraordinary conversation, Beau reveals his journey to joining Bangarra, his struggles with body image and weight, and his difficulties accepting the Helpmann Award for Best Male Dancer which coincided with the death of his sister. We also talk about the gravity of performing on Country, the pride and pressure that comes with that, and, in an unexpected announcement, Beau reveals that after nearly a decade with Bangarra he plans to leave the Company and reveals who he’s signed with next.

Beau continues to perform with Bangarra, but after more than a decade will leave the Company at the end of this year to join the Sydney Theatre Company. For Bangarra tour dates and to see Beau’s final performances head to, and for Sydney Theatre Company tickets it's And to continue to follow all of Beau’s adventures, you’ll find him on Insta at @beaudrsmith.

Beau and I met and recorded in Sydney on the land of the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation, to whom we pay our greatest respects.

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  1. Beau Dean Riley Smith in Bangarra's “Terrain,” 2016. Photograph by Zan Wimberely
  2. Beau Dean Riley Smith and Bangarra in “Bennelong.” Photograph by Daniel Boud
  3. Claudia Lawson and Beau Dean Riley Smith in the podcast studio. Photograph courtesy of Sawtooth Studios.

Claudia Lawson

Claudia Lawson is a dance critic based in Sydney, Australia, writing regularly for ABC Radio National, ABC Arts, and Fjord Review. After graduating with degrees in Law and Forensic Science, Claudia worked as a media lawyer for the ABC, FOXTEL and the BBC in London, where she also co-founded Street Sessions dance company. Returning to Sydney, Claudia studied medicine and now works as a doctor. She is the host of the award-winning Talking Pointes Podcast.


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