Talking Pointes

The podcast that looks at life beyond dance

Talking Pointes is a ballet and contemporary dance podcast that interviews some of the most extraordinary and famous dancers, artistic directors and choreographers. In our 2021 season we’re bringing together ten beautiful interviews to explore not just the inspiration and careers of our guests, but all the other stuff that surrounds dance—inspiration, regrets, bullying, body image, sexuality, retirement, lifelong friendships and even how to start a new career when the curtains finally close.

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Australia produces world-class dancers and choreographers that fill dance companies the world over. In this season of Talking Pointes, we’re speaking with some of those superstars. We’re bringing you 10 beautifully courageous and personal interviews from the likes of:

Emma Watkins, the multi-talented Yellow Wiggle: “I was a very enthusiastic student, loved school, loved being able to do ballet every single day for two hours.” 

David McAllister, the former Artistic Director of the Australian Ballet: “For me, it was a really great opportunity to really connect with life beyond the ballet company.”

And Lana Jones, former principal ballerina who’s now studying to become a midwife: “Put me in front of 10,000 people and no problem. Sit me in front of a biology exam and I am a mess.”

In Talking Pointes, we’re exploring more than dance. We’re looking into everything that surrounds dance; inspiration, regrets, bullying, body image, sexuality, lifelong friendships, retirement, and even how to find a new career when the curtains finally close.

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