Jasmin Vardimon Park
Instead of employing a straight narrative, this dance theatre piece tells its story through a series of interlacing vignettes, each one evocative, impassioned and quasi surreal.
“Can an intelligent being comprehend the instructions to make itself?” This is one of the questions at the heart of “Autobiography,” Wayne McGregor’s newest work and the latest in a line of ventures reflecting his fascination with science, particularly genetics. (Just this summer the choreographer teamed up with the Genetics Clinic of the Future to have his entire genome sequenced.) Here ten dancers from McGregor’s London-based company probe his personal memories as well as his actual genetic code to weave a helix of memory, contemplation and speculation.
Akram Khan and Sylvie Guillem
When it was conceived in 2006, “Sacred Monsters” marked Sylvie Guillem's transition from the classical scene to the contemporary one—an intriguing development that had the famed ballerina's fans on the edge of their seats, eager to witness what turned out to be an inspired reformation.
Crystal Pite
The intricate music of London-based contemporary composer Thomas Adès unites the pieces, each of which features the musician conducting from the pit or tickling the ivories on stage.