Dance Massive 2017
The Bureau of Meteorology La Trobe St. Weather Station, near to the Carlton Gardens, has always intrigued me. A triangular wedge of fenced-off green, on the city’s fringe, it looks like an art installation or a performance space. With a tiny garden shed, and unfamiliar equipment to measure climatic changes and patterns neatly dotted and connected by pathways, it is not so unlike the world Chunky Move’s Anouk van Dijk and Singaporean artist and filmmaker, Ho Tzu Nyen, have set up for their collaborative work, “Anti-Gravity.”
“at least for a while anyway” is a seven minute video piece, a collaboration between myself and artist Daniel Crooks. I was invited by Carriageworks to create something for 24 Frames Per Second, and the brief was pretty open.
Tiny Slopes
Seated in my own ‘best seat,’ frankness, humility, humour, experimentation and a willingness to question link for me Kate Champion’s “Nothing to Lose,”, Rawcus’ “Catalogue” and Nat Cursio’s “Tiny Slopes” (a work in development presented in association with Malthouse Theatre).
Sarah Aiken
To my mind, following this train of thought, both Reckless Sleepers with Nat Cursio’s performance of “A String Section” (2012) and the premiere of Sarah Aiken’s “SET,” celebrate the utilitarian object, redefining its role and how we regard it.
In the yawning space of the machine hall, we assembled. A small group of mourners cloaked in suitable attire, our number countable upon my fingers, no need for the toes.