See below the line. Look beyond the surface. Delve beneath the city. Peer underneath the skin. Vide infra. What makes us tick, and ultimately what holds us together, piece by splintered piece.
In 2015 David McAllister, the Australian Ballet’s long time artistic director debuted his first full length work at the Sydney Opera House: his lavish, and wildly successful, “The Sleeping Beauty.”
Madeleine Eastoe
On Tuesday evening there were two stories unfolding on the stage of the State Theatre: “Giselle’s” timeworn story of love, betrayal, sorrow, and redemption; and playing the part of Giselle in her second-last Melbourne performance in a title role before she retires, principal Madeleine Eastoe’s farewell.
A final performance. The audience applauds. Cries of Brava! can be heard, and flowers are tossed upon the stage in adoration and gratitude. In a tutu of rich autumnal hues, Clara takes her last bows. From the wings, her fellow dancers add to the applause.
The Nutcracker
Flourishing his sword in the air, the Nutcracker cried aloud, “Crack—crack—crack—stupid pack—drive mouse back—stupid pack—crack—crack—mouse—back—crick—crack—stupid pack. ”