Tiny Slopes
Seated in my own ‘best seat,’ frankness, humility, humour, experimentation and a willingness to question link for me Kate Champion’s “Nothing to Lose,”, Rawcus’ “Catalogue” and Nat Cursio’s “Tiny Slopes” (a work in development presented in association with Malthouse Theatre).
Kristina Chan
Where “Merge” thrashed and rhythmically pulsed, “Do You Speak Chinese?” proved a quiet meditation. Equally, where “Merge” hurtled through time, Chiu’s worked seemed almost to stop the tick-tock of the clock, as she rolled herself into a giant fold of paper and the small theatre filled with the sound of paper’s pleasing crackle as it creased.
Anouk van Dijk
Seated in a purpose built grandstand in the formally exposed run-though of Chunky Move and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art’s forecourt, I waited.
Lucy Guerin
In this work by Guerin, in which I see the film through the dancers’ own interpretations of the film they are watching—can I trust their reading/translation of the drama as it unfolds or will they double-cross me?