New York City Ballet’s Here/Now festival proved an epic undertaking. Over the course of four weeks, the company presented 43 ballets created by 22 choreographers, all works made during the past four decades – a celebration of contemporary choreography, unprecedented in its size, depth, scope, and richness.
Of their recent premiere of Liam Scarlett's “Frankenstein,” Isabella Walsh, newly appointed corps de ballet dancer with San Francisco Ballet, notes, “it's kind of a sad ballet, but really interesting. It's like nothing I’ve done before.”
It takes “layers and layers of tulle together in a honeycomb construction that opens up when it closes”[i] to make a tail that befits a White Rabbit. It takes countless hours (of drafting, devising, twinkling, rehearsing, measuring, stitching, and repeating thrice) to create a world of nonsense in every sense and this is as it should be.