Fusebox Festival
This year’s Fusebox Festival was as rich and urgent as ever, continuing its smorgasbord of community, activism, and aesthetic in performances of all kinds, this time with a particular inquiry into race and borders (especially the one just 240 miles south of Austin). As a resident of a city rife with festivals, I’ve learned that locals’ experiences of such confabs can be orbital: when we are already at home, home pulls us away from the party, even as home is disrupted by the party.
“Meeting” revealed a pattern defined by sixty-four small-scale robots whilst “Overworld” writhed in a chaotic pattern of YouTube fragments tethered to the four elements, earth, air, fire, and water.
Stephanie Lake
“Please continue.” “The experiment requires that you continue.” “It is absolutely essential that you continue.” “You must go on, there...
Lucy Guerin
In this work by Guerin, in which I see the film through the dancers’ own interpretations of the film they are watching—can I trust their reading/translation of the drama as it unfolds or will they double-cross me?