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Fjord Review #2 celebrates the Future of Dance with Karolina Kuras’ photoshoot Bright Young Things, a street-style fashion collaboration featuring ten young stars of the stage.

Writer Emily Wells chronicles the story of ballet and fashion from renegade romanticism to contemporary collaborations featuring with photography by Gérard Uféras, Dominik Mentzos and François Goize.

Karolina Kuras‘ ethereal photoshoots featuring ABT principal dancer Isabella Boylston in Valentino, Hannah Fischer in Louiza Babouryan, and our cover-woman, LINES’ Adji Cissoko in designs by Sid Neigum.

Dance reviews of sixteen companies on stage in the US, UK, Europe, Australia. Special report from Faye Arthurs featuring iconic New Zealand dance troupe Black Grace, Sara Mearns channelling Isadora Duncan, and highlights from the autumn season in New York.

Interviews with ground-breaking choreographers Karole Armitage and Alan Lucien Øyen. Dance initiatives including Skylar Campbell Dance Collective, the Merce 100 round-up featuring interview with Alla Kovgan, director of 3D film Cunningham. 

Special treat! Pups and kittens in the studio with their adoring (dancer) owners, photographed by Karolina Kuras, and guest photographer Ethan Watts.

Contributors: Faye Arthurs, Rachel Elderkin, Gracia Haby, Rachel Howard, Lorna Irvine, Merilyn Jackson, Oksana Khadarina, Karolina Kuras, Victoria Looseleaf, Rachel Stone, Sara Veale, Ethan Watts, Emily Wells.

Showcase collections from our supporters Elevé Dancewear, Maldire, RubiaWear, DellaLo Milano, Designed by Alice, Jai-Dee Dancewear, Keto Dancewear

Ships internationally.

160 pages. 7.25″ x 10″

Printed by carbon offset-certified printers Hemlock, BC.

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