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Behind the scenes

Many will know Ethan Watts as a dancer with the National Ballet of Canada, but few may know he is a keen photographer. Watts joined us on the set of our upcoming video for Fjord Review #2 at the invitation of Karolina Kuras, to capture the action and ambience of... Read More
We are thrilled to announce the launch of our second printed edition Fjord Review #2! Contributed to by our brilliant cohort of writers, FR #2 is 160 pages of pure dance, in a totable, perfect-bound book, printed sustainably by carbon-offset certified printers Hemlock. We’ve stepped it up for FR#2 and... Read More
New York City: I caught some behind-the-scenes action on the set of our ’90s dream shoot with photographer Karolina Kuras and American Ballet Theatre principals Isabella Boylston and James Whiteside. As ever, with things coming together last minute, the sun obliged, the light was perfect, and it was a magical... Read More